Sortie du volume n° 4 de Global Studies of Childhood




Global Studies of Childhood – Volume 2 Number 4 2012 – Sue Saltmarsh & Nicola Yelland. Editorial OPEN ACCESS

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Zsuzsa Millei. ‘Community’ and ‘Democratic Practice’ in Early Childhood Education and Care: a critique and possibility through the optic of Roberto Esposito

Deborah Harcourt. Measuring Teacher Quality: listening to young children in Singapore

Ailie Cleghorn & Larry Prochner. Looking into Early Childhood Education and Development Spaces: visual ethnography’s contribution to thinking about quality

Nicola Yelland, Sandy Muspratt, Chan Yee On, Christine & Caja Gilbert. Asian Childhoods: exploring the lifeworlds of students in contemporary Hong Kong

Jenny Barr, Marian de Souza, Cathie Harrison, Brendan Hyde, Helen van Vliet & Sue Saltmarsh. Parenting the ‘Millennium Child’: choice, responsibility and playing it safe in uncertain times

Margaret Stuart. Managing Mothers to Build Their Child’s Worth: the economic positioning of the maternal role

Tonya Rooney. Childhood Spaces in a Changing World: exploring the intersection between children and new surveillance technologies
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